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Property Crime Surges 75% in 2020 in District 6

Updated: Jan 27, 2021

Property crimes in District 6 increased 75% in 2020 according to information provided to KEEP Yalecrest by Salt Lake City Police Detective Nathan Meinzer. (See statistics below). The vast majority of those property crimes involved auto burglaries (388), auto larcenies (180) and motor vehicle thefts (78). Home burglaries doubled from 41 in 2019 to 80 in 2020. A grand total of 789 property and violent crimes occurred in District 6, compared to 464 in 2019. Detective Meinzer said the police department would take the following steps: (1) run a pattern analysis to identify trends -- when, where, time of day, hot spots, etc. (2) compile a list of helpful tips for residents (3) schedule a meeting with the community to start a Neighborhood Watch program.

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