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Gaskell Romney, prominent Yalecrest builder

The Romney name is well known in Utah. Learn about our U.S. Senator Mitt Romney's grandfather as a developer of the Yalecrest neighborhood in a presentation by Virginia Hylton during the Yalecrest Neighborhood Council meeting Sept. 7.

Architect Gaskell Romney, who built 22 homes in Yalecrest as well as a church, and whose association with the Romney Brothers builders accounted for a total of 38 homes in Yalecrest, is the father of George W. Romney, former Governor of Michigan, and the grandfather of Mitt Romney, current U.S. Senator from Utah.

After living in Mexico, Los Angeles and Idaho, Gaskell moved to Salt Lake and began building homes on Gilmer Avenue and above 1300 East. One of his first homes was at 1337 Gilmer. The home is still standing. Gaskell built the entire north side of Gilmer and was responsible for developing the Normandie Heights subdivision in Yalecrest between 1926-1935 including homes on Princeton, Harvard, Laird, Yale, Herbert, South Diestel and Yalecrest. These homes still exist in beautiful condition.

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