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Attention Yalecrest Property Owners

A message from K.E.E.P. Yalecrest President Lynn K. Pershing, PhD

K.E.E.P. Yalecrest encourages residents to send and make statements at City Council and Planning Commission on the following issues and dates on the following zoning issues that will impact Yalecrest.

I encourage you to offer your opinions of the following new city zoning ordinances soon:

Accessory Dwelling Unit (ADU) Ordinance

February 21, 2023 City Council Vote

Write, all members of City Council at

Changes that might concern you

1. Automatic ADU approval City wide without design review for compatibility

2. Owner occupation on the property requirement may be removed. Insist this protects against our neighborhood from becoming just UU student housing without onsite home owners which is important to neighborhood viability, vitality your own investment.

3. Removal of Conditional Use that previously informed abutting property owners of an ADU submission that would impact them. Approval was insured, but mitigation issues of sunlight, air and view corridors were negotiable. The current version removes ALL negotiation

4. Heights of 22 ft or more

5. Size of 1000 SF on lots less than 12,000 SF Yalecrest is (70%R1/5000 and R1/7000

6. ADU size and height greater than original house on property

7. Rear and side yard setbacks to be 3 feet (current SF zoning is 8 ft side yard and 20 fet rear yard setbacks).

8. Inability to enforce use as Short Term Rentals (STRs like AirBnB, and VRBOs)

9. Most not used for “affordable units”-instead they are predominantly used for Short term rentals.

10. No to cantilevered areas and balconies on any 2 story ADU’s. It does NOT meet compatibility standards of architecture design of any single

family zoned neighborhood in SLC except in newly developed areas. Cantilevered aspects on a housing entity beyond 1 ft is not part of the original design in most established and historic neighborhoods.

11. Enforcement, Enforcement Enforcement issues

12. DENSITY DOES NOT EQUAL AFFORDABILITY. ADUs on East Bench will rent at real estate market prices. They will not serve moderate or low income housing needs and instead be used for STRs

13. Lack of requirement that all ADU owners sign up for the Good Landlord program. Annual inspections for clean and decent living standards must be enforced.

Affordable Housing Incentive

March 8, 2023 the “modified” Affordable Housing Incentive (AHI) 2023 will be presented to the Planning Commission.

Facts you might be concerned about

1. This Incentive will provide incentives to developers to include affordable homes in their projects. It will allow additional heights, reduced parking requirements or process waivers.

2. All houses on all streets between 1300 – 1500 E in Yalecrest will currently be impacted due to ¼ mile distance from 15 min frequency bus service. Transportation dependency could be removed.

3. It its current version the AHI would allow demolition of intact, stable, contributing historic homes and replacement with 4-plexes and other higher lot density housing. Side yard and rear setbacks would be 3 feet. Additional changes in City zoning codes for onsite parking, deed restrictions, density, enforcement, environmental consequences, and whether they focus on Low income (30-50% adjusted area median income (AMI) or Moderate Income (80% AMI)

4. City will allow an automatic over-the-counter approval of any single family house demolition with replacement of a multi-family building (most likely 3-4 unit side rowhouse on Yalecrest sized lots).

5. Side and Rear setbacks on MF buildings will be 3 feet.

6. No advance notice to abutting property owners.

7. No avenue for abutting neighbors to mitigate (negotiate) acceptable design, height issues.

Read more about the Affordable Housing Incentive here.

Please send your comments on this City-wide incentive concerning Yalecrest to,,

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