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Yalecrest Streetscapes - Then and Now

Updated: Feb 1, 2021

We have been able to find some photographs of a few scenes in Yalecrest taken about seventy-five or eighty years ago that we'd like to share. It is fun to see those scenes and how they compare to the same scenes today. The trees have certainly grown and some are gone. It is comforting to see the houses that have so distinctively defined our neighborhood over the years that are still here.

Children playing in the snow on 9th South and 14th East, 1943

Looking northeast from 9th South at 14th East, February 2019.

Children clearing a pathway on Military Drive after a January 1944 snowstorm

986, 980 and 976 Military Drive 75 years later, February 2019

Clearing the snow on the 1500 block of Yale Avenue, January 1944

South side of Yale Avenue looking west from 1582 Yale, February 2019

Looking South on 17th East from Yalecrest Avenue, Mar. 23, 1937

Looking south on 17th East from Yalecrest Avenue, February 2019

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